Game Over for ‘Race’

I, for one, do not consider my skin color ‘white’ nor do I know of a place called Caucasia, so why must I identify myself as ‘white’ or ‘Caucasian’ when ‘racial’ (a.k.a. EEO) type questions arise? Who made this crap up? Are we just approximating skin colors since some morons have no sense of aesthetics? Even the darkest-skinned person I’ve ever seen has not had totally black skin.

And another pertitinent question: are all those people with dark skin really from Africa? Answer: no. Also, how is an American – born in America, raised in America, having never set foot in Africa or cultured in African ways – considered an ‘African’-American just because of his or her skin color? They shouldn’t be. It’s just stupid.

And if we are going to use the argument that the person’s African ancestors make them an African-American, aren’t we all from Africa since humans evolved from there millions of years ago? If we are talking about origins, let’s go all the way back, shall we? Why stop in the recent past? I certainly don’t go around thinking of myself as Scots-American just because many of my ancestors were from Scotland, as recently as my Grandmother’s parents. Nor do I consider myself Jewish-Scots-American since my Grandmother on my other side had parents who were Austrian Jews who immigrated to Brooklyn just prior to WWII. Nor Anglo-American just because…

And is American even an ethnicity or simply a place of origin?

It’s time to give up the ‘racial’ game. Our race is homo sapien sapiens. That is biologically correct. And although ancestry is important in genetics and health care, the idea of different ‘races’ of humans is simply wrong.


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