Producing Nothing

Producing nothing is actually something.  The best thing you can do for society is to be self-sufficient.  Keep to yourself.  Don’t do anything.  Land fills are stocked with the results of people who are enormously too productive and bothersome. 


People should be able to have their needs met by contributing nothing to society.  Nothing is exactly what we need from a whole host of people.  We need more people to get out of the way, to stay home and do nothing, to be hermits or artists or people who just stay out of circulation.  Think of how the crime rate would plummet.  The police could stay at home and do nothing.  Think of the traffic congestion we could avoid if more people produced nothing.  We could all drive around in the serene luxury of the open road.


The real enemy of our happiness is having so many people producing stuff and I propose that more people just quit and start producing nothing.