People Love Traffic

Oh traffic. It’s actually not a problem at all. People love it. People have to have something to complain about and what greater thing that also has an element of government involvement? They can complain about their miserable existence and the government all at the same time.

Let’s face it, most people love to use the excuse. “I got stuck in traffic.” Yeah, that’s why I couldn’t show up on time or at all. Or that’s why I can’t go. Traffic. Sucks.

People love traffic. They embrace it everyday. If they hated it so much they’d get jobs closer to home. Don’t tell me they can’t. The terrible truth is that most people don’t have a life, so getting stuck in traffic puts off the inevitable, daily terror of actually having to go to their pathetic dwellings and follow through their lonely existence with the knowledge that tomorrow they will get back into their vehicles and once again join the rest of society’s minions who must work for a living, commute, and get stuck in traffic. Traffic acts as both a scapegoat for their misery and a kind of solace. After all, people love their cars. As Gary Numan told us back in the 80’s, “here in my car, I feel safest of all.”


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