Another Story

This one began on December 18, 2003. It is…

The Tale of the Thirteen Wizards

Not so long ago, there were thirteen very powerful wizards from thirteen parallel dimensions, each with the desire to rule the mortal world. Each had written a book. The book was to be used to govern the many great lands of the world and the people would abide by the words written in the book. The book would become the Eternal Law.

However, only one book could be used. There were, instead, as stated in the first paragraph of this tale, thirteen separate books.

So, the most powerful of the wizards told the others, “Using no magic, we will draw straws. The short straw will go first and so on until the longest straw, who will go last. In this order each of us will go, one by one, to the Throne of Empire, where the Book of Law will lie. Each of us will set down our book onto the throne. The book that remains on the throne when we have all set ours down will become the Book of Law.” Let the greater magic prevail.

The other wizards contemplated this suggestion. None said anything for a moment. Then, each agreed. The plan seemed fair and would avoid needless wars that would only mess up the carpet.

So, the wizards drew straws and when they had all found their order by the drawing, each wizard entered into the Room of the Throne of Empire, one by one.

The first wizard walked to the throne and set down his book in the seat, centered perfectly – he pressed it firmly into the crimson red cushion for extra measure. Then, he left the room, intoning an incantation that the book might stay.

The second wizard walked into the Room of the Throne of Empire and removed the first wizard’s book, tossing it aside with ease onto the marble floor and placed his own book on the seat instead. He, too, left the room uttering a magic spell to ensure that his book would be the one left on the throne.

The wizards, each in succession, followed this form, until only the most powerful was left, for he had, by some strange coincidence, drawn the longest straw. He walked into the Room of the Throne of Empire, saw the other eleven books scattered over the marble floor and the twelfth sitting on the seat of the throne. He took the twelfth book and tossed it effortlessly to the floor to join the others.

When the other wizards returned to the throne room, they were aghast. How had this happened? They watched as the thirteenth wizard was just placing his, the thirteenth book, onto the seat of the throne, firmly centering it, and, as did all the other wizards, pressing the book firmly into the crimson red cushion for extra measure. As he did this, the seat of the throne gave out, for the books had been exceedingly heavy, each and every one being heavier than the last.

Suddenly, the entire room burst into flames – for an even more powerful wizard, upon the founding of the Empire, had put a curse on the throne many years before that if the throne was ever destroyed (or damaged), the entire Empire Palace would burst into flames for insurance purposes.
The most powerful wizard chuckled to himself as the flames engulfed the thirteen books.

“So much for that,” he said. Then, he and the twelve other wizards vanished in a puff of smoke, returning to the dimensions from whence they came. And so that is why, to this day, there is no Eternal Law in the land.


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