Consider, if you will, the city parking deck.  There are those who park their vehicles in a considerate way.  Then, there are those who are what we will refer to as ‘backers in’.  Backers in are those who decide, despite any number of cars behind them, that they will stop their vehicles, shift into reverse and make the excruciatingly slow crawl backwards, backing their vehicle into the parking space with the fastidiousness of the fanciers of fine French cuisine. 


The backer in must make sure that his or her vehicle is perfectly positioned between and precisely parallel with the two white painted lines which are approximately eighteen feet across.  All while moving backward, avoiding hitting the other cars parked and, even more importantly, not hitting the cement retaining wall of the parking deck superstructure.  This leaves plenty of room for error.  Witness, then, why the backer in must maintain a monumental degree of minute movement.  It can take awhile to get it right.


It’s more than a little annoying.  In the time that it takes for the backer in to finally come to rest cushioned and nestled nicely into his or her parking spot, a line of cars can back up to the street, where there is a nice, long line of other cars waiting to get to other places in the city.  Before long, you have a traffic hold up.  All due to one person who can’t just HEAD IN.  A new bumper sticker idea, anyone?