Correspondent of the Day

For those keeping track, my last ‘Letter to the Editor’ was published in actual newsprint (as well as electronically) and garnered ‘Correspondent of the Day’ fame in the April 7th Richmond Times-Dispatch.  This is my third ever published letter and first COD award.  Besides a lovely, frame-worthy certificate with special stamp and original signature by Mr. Mackenzie (at least I don’t think it was laser-printed), the COD award consists of:  1) a year supply of frozen seafood from Dick’s Seafood Supply House (which operates out of Bumpass, VA)  2) a voucher entitling the holder to one walk around Bryant Park with Editorial Page Editor Ross Mackenzie himself (hand holding, while optional, is encouraged) 3) a trial subscription to the Times-Dispatch’s new spin-off paper, the Richmond Dimes-Mishmash 4) a blimp ride to the observation deck of City Hall followed by a photo-op with an actor who looks somewhat like Richmond Mayor Doug Wilder  5) entry in a special drawing the winner of which will receive a solid gold painted key to the city (sponsored by the Virginia Lottery’s Richmond Bureau).


Actually, if tradition prevails, I will be invited to a special luncheon for April’s COD winners.