Freak Blizzard and Apples to Apples

Friday, the temperature was in the 60’s. So when we heard that it was supposed to snow in Richmond Saturday, we were a bit incredulous. Though, I remember such things happening here when I lived here going to college. We travelled to York County to visit my brother and his family. Watched football, shot some pool, played a game called ‘Apples to Apples’* and basically had a post-holiday chill-out.

Sure enough, though, on our way home, around 11:00PM, there was thick, wet snow coming down blown about by strong winds such that as I drove down 64, the snow came directly at me, vertically, in large snow globs. Fortunately, this let up around Williamsburg and by the time we arrived in Richmond there was hardly any wind.

*Each player gets seven red apple cards. Each red apple card has a person, place, thing, or concept ranging from Bruce Willis to The Vietnam Memorial to Ancient Rome. Players take turns being ‘the judge’/dealer. The judge makes sure everyone has seven cards and also take from the stack a green apple card. Each green apple card has a category. Players must throw in a red apple card that they feel best fits the category. For example, ‘Sultry’ elicited Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, and Denzel Washington. Players play to the judge, who in this case was my wife. She chose Tom Cruise, which was my card. Often the judge is picking the best out of a group of bad choices. They may not agree with any of the cards. The winner of that round, the player’s whose red apple card is picked, collects the green apple card. The overall winner collects the prescribed amount of green apple cards. In this case, with four players, it was eight.


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