The Power to Keep People Out

Most organizational pursuits are designed to keep people out. All this talk of discrimination or racism or whatever is a smokescreen for the fact that birds of a feather flock together and people who are different can suck it. You can call this elitism and that’s way more accurate than any other term.

People relish the ability to keep others from getting in. This is why religions fail. If there was one religion where everyone was accepted no matter what, that religion would have already taken over the world. The very fact that there are so many different religions speaks to the point.

People like to exclude others. It’s not fun unless I can sit here knowing, on some level, that I am special, that others are not here because they are not good enough, cool enough, or don’t belong in so many other varied ways.

We all want to be unique with individual characteristics, and individual rights and powers. But we also want to belong to something bigger than ourselves, but not big enough that we lose our uniqueness. There is a happy medium and for everyone it is different, but it does rely on the ability to exclude. This is not accomplished, like so many paranoid people think, through racism. It is accomplished through logistics.

Time and place are simply communicated to those in the know. Those who show up are in. Those who don’t are out.


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