Beating the Shortcut People

On my way to work every morning there is a point at which there are two short roads to get to a main artery that takes me towards the expressway. One winds up a curved road and is the more conventional route. Another takes a large right angle through a residential area with speed bumps. Whenever I am being tailgated by some inept motorist, I can always rely on the idiot to take the ‘shortcut’, which is through the residential area. Nine times out of ten, however, I have beaten the shortcut people and, yesterday, it was happening in reverse. On my way home, an impatient individual on a cell phone in a late model, grey Mercedes took the ‘shortcut’. Not only did I beat her, but two others behind me beat her. So she ended up sitting there at a stop sign, watching as we crossed over the railroad tracks, losing position. I drive a red, 1991 BMW 318is – hard to miss. She knew she had lost.

I don’t race the shortcut people. I maintain a reasonable speed (unless on the highway and then I believe that speed limits are for slower cars). There have been times when the shortcut person makes it ahead of me and I don’t try to catch up to them and speed past at the first opportunity. In fact, I enjoy it when someone speeds ahead. I’m happiest when no cars are around and I can drive in peace and comfort, listening to my music on the stereo. But, when the challenge has arisen, I’ve often beaten the shortcut people. And there is some happiness in that as well.


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