I Love You

Common words that are really only good the first time they are spoken to someone. Repetition diminishes the meaning. They articulate an observation of the internal interacting with the external.

Problems result when different meanings of the phrase and more specifically, different meanings of the word ‘love’ appear in a relationship. Funny how it all sounds alike, yet can be so completely disparate.

For example:
He: “I love you” (meaning: It’s very enjoyable to spend time with you, especially these times where we are having sex.)

Her: “I love you” (meaning: You complete my social circle and allow me to be a successful part of my community.)

These are by no means meant to be stereotypical. Just examples.

The words, though, mean nothing unless there are specific actions taken that back them up. You can’t tell someone ‘I love you’ and then do nothing to suggest such love.

If this sounds remotely jaded, I contend it’s merely observational.


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