Two Years – Reflections on Drivel

I just noticed that this month is the second anniversary of Swatting at Flies. I’ve managed to drive away most, if not all, of those who visit this site. I’ve stopped actually checking site visit statistics, but if you’re reading this and you’ve been reading this from the beginning I can only say hot sex hot sex transvestite new york yankees wild girls vixens washington taxes death abortion George Bush Hillary Duff free lottery games Rove U2 Beatles…. there, there are all of the keywords that will attract more traffic to this website.

Once, back in 2003, this website was actually linked from one of the major political websites AND mentioned… at least in the comments section. I was responding to this little blurb at a blog called ‘Little Green Footballs’: ‘Sean Hannity had a bombshell revelation on his radio show today; a leaked memo showing that Democrats on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence have been plotting to use classified information against the White House in next year’s Presidential campaign.’ Here is the winning exchange:

JSF 11/5/2003 11:04AM PST
Wow. This memo is staggering! You mean the Democrats don’t like Bush? You mean Congress is full of politicians who seek out how to politically beat their opponents? Wowee wow wow wow wow. As a life-long supporter of the write-in candidate ‘Bugs Bunny’, I’ll be sure to vote for Sean ‘Great Hair’ Hannity next time.

J.D. 11/5/2003 11:13AM PST
#240 JSF
Quote: “As a life-long supporter of the write-in candidate ‘Bugs Bunny’, I’ll be sure to vote for Sean ‘Great Hair’ Hannity next time.”

That’s a great idea, JSF. Have your therapists prescribed busywork, or are you undertaking this exercise in futility all on your own? Way to go!

Viking the Kitten 11/5/2003 11:25AM PST
If only everyone who was as stupid as JSF also threw their votes away on cartoon characters … the Republicans would have filibuster-proof majorities.

(Is “stupid” too much of a personal attack? Try… everyone who laughs off unethical, sleazy, political tactics intended to divide and undermine our country in a time of war. On second thought, “stupid” will work just fine.)

J.D. 11/5/2003 11:34AM PST
Viking the Kitten, I fear your post will confuse our guest.
JSF: Your write-in vote most certainly is counted.
By all means, carry on!

Geepers 11/5/2003 11:39AM PST
JSF (#240),
Quote: As a life-long supporter of the write-in candidate ‘Bugs Bunny’, I’ll be sure to vote for Sean ‘Great Hair’ Hannity next time.

But, from your website, in your own words:
Why Vote? Since it’s all rigged anyway.


I actually never bothered to see if anyone responded to my little off-the-cuff, sarcastic comment, but apparently people don’t understand humor when they come across it, or they’d rather ignore it and attack it at face value. Like throwing chicken bones at rabid dogs.

Obviously, the truth is 1) I have never written in ‘Bugs Bunny’ on any election ballot. My votes have always reflected my Independent political affiliation, voting Republican when, in the spirit of our great Democracy, no other candidate was offered. But, anyway, the point about Bugs Bunny should have been obvious. 2) I still maintain that those in power have no intention of allowing a popular election to decide who leads the country, and the choices are quite few, as I’ve mentioned, so it’s not like you have much of a chance at deciding. The point is pretty much moot. Talking about ‘strategy’ during an election, is sort of like talking about the color of shorts a professional wrestler will be wearing into the ring. It may be fashionable but it doesn’t really amount to much.

One more word on that subject – a representative democracy is not about the people deciding who they wish to lead them (they may indeed pick someone such as Bugs Bunny – Arnold Schwarzenegger, a perfect example). It’s about picking leaders who are most representative of those who are actually in power. Truth be told, neither Al Gore nor John Kerry were all that representative of many people in the country. They were intelligent, thoughtful, patient men who had clear visions of how best to lead America. Bush on the other hand, having led many failed companies in the private sector, being a born-again Christian, and having had a lot of help from friends and family contribute to his overall success, is very much like many other Americans. He is flawed, yet faithful. He is arrogant yet compassionate to those who agree with him. He appeals to all of those, and there are many, who see the world in a right and wrong, black and white, way. He’s a great American President.

Also, we all may as well face it – whatever those in power are seeking to accomplish is going to happen anyway. The President is either a participant or a pawn or a puppet. Points awarded to those who guess which one Bush is.

Anyway, thank to all the readers who read the words presented in electronic form here. If this site has become far less interesting it’s only because I have had too many other priorities. I’m in a Master’s Program at Virginia Tech in Public Administration, first of all. That’s taken up a lot of my time.

But… tune in next time and I’ll try to provide more wonderful drivel laced with sardonic humor and pseudo-serious, quasi-intellectual ramblings that almost make sense enough to make you just barely want to respond in some way, but …. eh, it’s not worth it…. where’s the porn?


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