CNN has reported that record companies are planning to open their own peer-to-peer networks. What the record companies fail to realize is that they are obsolete. Artists no longer need them.

Their pitiful attempts at aping peer-to-peer has one major flaw. They control the system. With actual peer-to-peer, individuals users control the system. Individual users decide what is worthy, based on their own individual tastes, to post to the network, and what is not.

The beauty of peer-to-peer is that it is limitless. Anything piece of media can be shared. Anything. Record companies want to bottle this and you simply can’t bottle infinity.

Voting Fraud

The Republicans in power and the pseudo-Democrats who have secretly supported them (i.e. Al Gore, John Kerry) would like us to believe that voting is a sacred act and an essential part of our Democratic Republic. No. In fact, voting is a sham in this United States of America, carefully orchestrated to ensure very specific outcomes.

Take a look at this site and tell me how any reasonable person could think that our nation’s voting system is not, at the very least, in severe jeopardy of being hijacked. At the very worst, it’s already happened. With disastrous results for ordinary Americans.

Stepping Down?

The question in my mind is this: will Bush resign or will he wait until Democrats take control in the 2006 elections and push through impeachment?

His outright lies to the American people cannot be blamed on ‘poor intelligence’. His allegience to the oil industry cannot be more transparent. His utter disregard for ordinary Americans cannot be more plain. The failure of his foreign policy cannot be more complete. The ‘war on terror’ is a war on sanity, a war on common sense, and a war on the basic belief that America is a free society.

Will he resign or be impeached? That is the question. The Articles of Impeachment have already been drawn up. Read them here. Note that these were drafted when Ashcroft was still Attorney General.