Personal Woes

The last two weeks have been a bit horrendous for your humble correspondent. First, a group of blisters showed up on the ball of my right foot. It’s possible that they showed up through the intervention of a phenomenon involving alien abduction. However, it’s more likely from an insidious combination of weight loss I’ve experienced (a good thing) and a hill – an actual, physical hill – that I must climb everyday to get from where I park to my place of work. Foot shrinks from shedding fat (not like I was big before, but I suppose I’m leaner now) and shoe gets a little loser. Blisters. I met with Dr. Scholl’s a few times and that did the trick. (Note to the Schering Corporation – owner of Dr. Scholl’s – please deliver my payment for this product placement directly into my PayPal account. Thank you.)

Anyway, then file this one under – ‘bizarre, stupid, nearly fatal, yet completely harmless accident stories to scare and/or bore your friends.’ I was driving along on a beautiful spring day, this past Wednesday actually. I drive a refurbished 1991 BMW 318is with a sunroof. I had that sucker rolled back and the sun was beating down. So, I thought, it may be a good idea to wear my hat. I was behind a row of cars on the Belvidere Bridge, which overlooks Belle Isle, here in Richmond. We had just stopped, so I went to reach for my Virginia Tech Hokies baseball cap, which I have, in true school spirit sitting up in my back window (I’m taking a Master’s Program in Public Administration through their Richmond Center). I reached back and realized the seatbelt/shoulder restraint was, duh, holding me back. So, I was already up a bit out of my seat, pushed the button, and simultaneously twisted around to grab the hat. Now, I’ve had the car since last August or so, but sort of am still used to the headroom of my little Mazda 323 hatchback, which actually has more than you would think in a compact car. The BMW 318is is kind of a small car itself, leaves a real small footprint when compared to others just sitting there in a parking space. Bang. I hit my head as I twisted my neck, and basically gave myself whiplash reaching for that hat. I though I was going to have to pull over or something, but I couldn’t just sit there. So, I managed to get myself back in my seat, despite the excruciating pain, and get over the bridge, and get home. Several doses of over-the-counter medicine (read: straight Vodka) later, it felt a lot better. Yet oddly sore much later on and even now not at 100% functionality. A bit stiff. I’m grateful, though, not to become another one of those Faces of Death victims where some poor soul gets his head chopped off or breaks his neck performing an otherwise innocuous task.

Meanwhile, out of the blue, I have been experiencing partial numbness in my left pinky finger and ring finger from a completely unknown affliction. Possibly early onset of carpal tunnel. Imagine the moment at which you realize that your foot, hand, or other limb is falling asleep. Imagine the onset of that tingly feeling as it begins to go numb. Just before it is about to merge into complete deadness, you can still feel it, but it has this strange heaviness. You have feeling in it, but just barely. That’s what these fingers feel like perpetually so far for about four or five days. I have a meeting with a neurologist on this subject at the end of the month, the earliest I could get.


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