“There is little that Virginia does not do well in government management. That’s been true for a while. But it keeps looking for improvements, and very often finds them. Outsiders might wonder how the only state that bars its governor from seeking reelection could provide its administrations with sufficient clout to make difficult decisions. But it consistently does. Virginia has an ethos of good management that has genuinely been institutionalized. Even if a governor betrays that culture-as did Jim Gilmore when he opened a $1 billion budget shortfall in the late 1990s with a cut in car taxes that was politically popular but fiscally unsound-the state seems able to find its way back to the path of good managerial sense.”

–Government Performance Project 2005 Survey Results in which only Virginia and Utah get A- ratings while the rest of the country are at the B and C level. Find the whole thing here.


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