Why the Internet is ‘Dangerous’.

Find out why here.

An excerpt:

“…revolutionary new technologies, and the rapid, immense social changes they cause, usually cause us to lose our common sense. Chaotic change causes people to jam the brakes on or go off half-cocked; many of the people calling for regulation of the Internet today are criticizing–even demonizing–the side effects of a technology they don’t understand. (They are therefore quite similar to people who call for censorship of books they have not read and movies they have not seen–in fact, they are some of the same people.) Legislators, judges and social critics are all stumbling around in the dark where the Net is concerned. At the same moment, businessmen have rushed in, hoping to make millions with the new technology, and their behavior– extravagant claims that can only lead to disappointment, pushing products out the door that are not even in alpha release yet–only confirms to the politicians, judges and critics that what we are dealing with here, this Internet thing, is essentially lawless. A return to common sense is vital. This can only happen when a few conditions are satisfied: there must be a bit of calm; better information about the Internet, its contents and customs, and the laws that pertain to it, must be available; and legislators especially must understand that they should regulate the Net with a forceps, not with a hammer. “


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