Quote of the Day

“Mark Warner is just another high-tax, liberal Democrat hoping to mask his legacy by spouting perceived centrist rhetoric.”

–Shawn Smith, Executive Drecker of the Republican Partisans of Virginia


2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. And Jim Gilmore was just another cut-taxes-and-blameitonClinton Republican who proposed a five-year tax plan with a four-year term, leaving the Virginia budget in a fucking mess and a Democrat to clean it up. Sorry, couldn’t resist.-Richard

  2. Republicans are becoming a one-trick pony. Low taxes does not equal a happy, democratic, free society. It mainly means happy, wealthy people who get to stick it to the little guy all the way to the bank.The problem with Virginia government’s short-sighted solutions, like the car-tax scheme, will only end when there is a carrot at the end of the stick for good behavior. That would be a second term. Since Virginia is the only state not to have multiple gubernatorial terms, what do other states know that we don’t?

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