Violence in Sports

The NBA and college football both have had recent incidents where brawls happened in the stands and on the field. Surprise?

Our culture encourages violence as the solution to problems. Why shouldn’t a basketball player defend himself by punching out a fan if he’s being attacked? If I was a basketball player and some asshole was throwing ice at me, I’d find the guy and shove the ice down his throat. There should be a special part of the game, maybe at halftime, where the most obnoxious fan is pulled from the seats and all the players get to beat him to a pulp in the center of the ring. If the guy can’t defend himself, maybe he should have thought about that beforehand. It’s obvious that fans come to the arena for drama. If they want to be a part of that drama, then let them. Sports figures should be immune from criminal prosecution. However, for those who are squeamish by the whole thing and don’t want the drama, put them behind a steel cage.

There’s not enough violence in sports. Everyone is afraid of people getting hurt. Football players wear so much gear that it’s a wonder they’re able to walk around. There are so many rules and options for violations of this or that – infraction this, foul that – just let them play the game. If they kill each other in the process, isn’t that why we watch? They shouldn’t be allowed to wear pads or helmuts. The whole nature of the sport is pain and injury. If they don’t want to do it, maybe they should’ve studied in school so they could get a real job.

Next: why the lions should be brought back. Their victims? Christians, Muslims and Atheists!


One thought on “Violence in Sports

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