Towards Armageddon

The sad truth is that many misled evangelical Christians back Bush because they believe that things are going as planned when the world is in turmoil and disarray. War is good if it brings the Second Coming closer to fruition. God is in control, they will say, because their belief is that out of this kind of chaos a one world Christian order will emerge, led by Jesus Christ himself. They thing to themselves: the end times are near. We can feel good about ourselves. We are one of ‘the Chosen’.

This is insanity. The worst kind of prophecy is the one that is self-fulfilling. To think that mankind can create the circumstances by which the Second Coming will take place is utter hubris. It is a complete and utter misinterpretation and misapplication of scripture. In the Bible, Jesus says, “There will always be wars and rumors of wars.”

Yet a reliance on words and symbols from ancient texts is folly when current circumstances and simple morality lead to contrary actions. The United States holds no special place in ‘God’s great plan’. Jesus also said, “you will know my true follower by the fruits of their labor.” You cannot, in your intentions, bring about heaven, if instead you bring about hell.

The problem is uncertainty. Politicians gather power through preying upon people’s uncertainty. Uncertainty breeds illogical religious beliefs; illogical in that the fear itself drives people to accept any other explanation other than the unacceptable reality.

For example: rather than face death as a final end to one’s life, there are those who must invent a reality beyond death so that three things are accomplished 1) a certainty about what happens after one is unable to perceive things (i.e. die) 2) a type of control over the future – most religious beliefs are based on a need to control one’s surroundings 3) a feeling of superiority over those who are not believed to be ‘going to Heaven’ – this translates, politically, to the familiar ‘we’re right – you’re wrong’ argument. In other words, the chosen are justified in anything they do because, ultimately, they are going to heaven. Whereas, others, who are not going to heaven, are simply not justified. This sets up a permanent underclass of the ‘unsaved’ that become, in the eyes of the ‘saved’ pitied, at best, and contemptable, at worst.

Again, these beliefs are simply rubbish and devoid of ethical considerations. In this worldview: we are all created equal – equally sinful. There is no pursuit of happiness; only a pursuit of godliness (however that is defined). Liberty is only a term that defines one’s state when completely free of sin and thus utterly enmeshed in religious cultism. Up is down. Black is white. Good is evil. Evil is good. And might is right.

In reality, Bush, like many political leaders, is only using religion as a path to power. Religion causes people to act in ways they would normally not and follow people they would normally not follow. He actually may personally believe in what he’s saying when he makes religious statements. I personally could not care less about about a leader’s personal religious beliefs – unless they affect his decisions.

Religion has no place in politics because religion deals with the unseen, with issues regarding God, the esoteric, the spiritual. At best, it should fuel self-reflection and individual improvement as well as give guidance as to how to deal with others – including those who are different from us.

Politics, on the other hand, deals with the here and now. At best, it should result in compromises achieved and a more peaceful world.

However, Bush, like many others have done, are using religion to justify actions he and his administration have intended to make all along and along very narrow, unilateral lines. The Bible does not say – “give tax cuts to the wealthy for then you shall prosper.” In fact, Jesus said, “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” It is this lack of separation between religious life and political life that will be Bush’s undoing. Once you start telling people what to believe religiously, you have stepped on the wrong ground.


2 thoughts on “Towards Armageddon

  1. Hi, I like what you have written although it is belated for me to say so. The Election was over months ago. I am curious if you believe in Jesus or the bible as you have qouted them several times and yet you seem to be an atheist?

  2. The question of whether or not I believe in Jesus or the Bible are two separate questions. Also a separate question is whether or not I’m an atheist. I certainly understand people’s need to feel safe and secure from all alarms and so it’s comforting to know that Jesus is there to assist spiritually. I certainly believe that there is power in such belief and I have prayed to God in Jesus’ name before in my life because that is the spiritual tradition in which I was raised.Now, I know enough about psychology to know that if you create something in your mind, the mind is very powerful in causing that to be your reality until proven wrong. And even then sometimes a truth is so hard to accept that the mind will still refuse to adapt. As far as the Christian Bible, I respect it as a text that some consider holy. To me, it is certainly holy per the definition of ‘holy’. It is set apart. It is unlike any other book. Did God write it? Were the writer’s of the Bible inspired by God to write it? I don’t know that. I believe that any attempt by man to get closer to God has the possibility of being a positive thing. Yet the Bible can also be used to justify evil actions, such as murder, war, and hatred of all sorts. At that point, I rip the Bible to shreds. It becomes a book like any other. Words on a page. If you believe it to the extent that you will suspend your own moral judgment and what you know is the right thing to do or not do, then you are lost.Am I an atheist? No. I don’t think you can say for certain that there is no God. I would rather have faith that some kind of God exists that we cannot know due to human limitations, then have faith that no God exists. Perhaps there are multiple gods. Yet certainly it can be no doubt that there is a creative force or forces that exist beyond our control and beyond our capabilities at this time. Does that mean that science can never fathom the mysteries of the universe? I hope not. I think everyone must define God for themselves and respect the definition that others arrive at as long as it does not violate their inherent rights as a person. As soon as someone’s God is ordering murder, war, and hatred, that’s when I flush the toilet on such an unworthy god. That particular ‘God’, for me, does not exist.

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