Quote of the Day (with plenty of bonus information)

“There has been a misunderstanding of what our intention was; in part because it wasn’t clear to us what our intention was.”

–Barry Faber, lawyer for media conglomerate Sinclair Broadcast Group, regarding dropped plans to air a John Kerry-bashing film called ‘Stolen Honor’.

Sinclair owns 20 FOX, 19 WB, 6 UPN, 8 ABC, 3 CBS, 4 NBC affiliates and 2 independent stations and reaches approximately 24% of all U.S. television households in about 23 states, mostly on the East Coast and Central region. Sinclair’s stock has dropped more than 15 percent since the controversy over the film erupted 10 days ago.

‘Stolen Honor’ which has had several melodramatic subtitles including: ‘John Kerry’s Record of Betrayal’ and ‘Wounds that will not Heal’ is a supposed ‘documentary’ produced by Red, White & Blue Productions, a production company which was apparently created specifically to create this anti-Kerry tripe.

A call to the number listed on the Red, White & Blue Productions website dials up a media relations company caled Quantum. To their knowledge, no other film has been produced by Red, White & Blue Productions. However, I was informed that Red, White & Blue Produtions is the brainchild of Carlton Sherwood

Carlton Sherwood is a journalist who once worked for the Washington Times as well as Tom Ridge when he was governor of Pennsylvania. He is heavily tied to the Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church. He is also being sued for libel by Kenneth J. Campbell, a Vietnam Veteran and professor of political science and international relations at the University of Delaware over ‘Stolen Honor’.

Sherwood is a man of many hats apparently. He is also Executive Vice President and Director of Communications at an anti-terrorism and security firm called WVC3. WVC3 has provided technical support for the Department of Homeland Security’s “Prevention Exercise Program”.


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