Kerry for President

As a political independent, I don’t usually like to take a side for or against one candidate or another. I usually can find something to harp about on both the Democrat and Republican sides of the aisle. Yet political independence is not equivalent to political ambivalence.

In this Presidential Election, it is abundantly clear that a certain Republican, George W. Bush, is in need of replacement. Despite his personal charisma and his steadfastness in the face of dire circumstances, he has made too many errors in judgment. His steadfastness has proven to be stubborness. His charisma has proven to be chutzpah.

John Kerry is a man more able to gather together all of America’s strengths and focus them on the multitude of problems we have before us. He is as shrewd a politician as any and certainly has weak points. However, the difference between the two men is vast.

Bush is a man of faith and a man of ideology. Yet he is a man of action and a man who believes in strong leadership without reflection.

Kerry is a man of technical nuance and intelligence. He is a man of careful attention and believes in well-crafted leadership.

I believe that intelligence should be more important than bravado. As a result, this blog endorses John Kerry for President.


One thought on “Kerry for President

  1. Amen, brother.I have to admit; initially I was not thrilled with John Kerry. “Is this the best the Democrats can do?” Over time, however, I’ve come to realize what a good man he is, and what a great President he could become. Republicans trash his Senate record but the fact is Kerry has an impressive history. From blowing up Iran/Contra to tracking down Vietnam MIAs, Kerry has shown a commitment to strong, bipartisan leadership. He is a man who doesn’t hesitate to do difficult things. When people ask for one reason to vote for Kerry instead of Bush I have one simple reply; in the next 4 years it is possible, perhaps even likely, we will have a nuclear standoff with Iran and/or North Korea. Who would you rather have making decisions with EVERYTHING on the line? A lovable, resolute doofus or a thoughtful, diplomatic statesman? Makes a hard choice very easy, doesn’t it?

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