Silly Conspiracy Theory of the Day

Isn’t it strange how the Senators (or whatever the team will be called) are returning to Washington D.C., a city constructed by Masons (not the brick layers, but the ‘occult’ type) after 33 years. The number 33 just happens to be a very significant number to them occult types. Even stranger is that the Senators moved, in 1971, to Texas, the home of our current President. And still strangers is that Montreal, from where the team is coming, has a strong presence of Chinese Free Masons, which are not affiliated with international free masonry. The connection there (such that it is) happens to be that our current President’s father was instrumental in advancing Nixon’s efforts in opening China to the outside word. These efforts were begun in 1971. When Bush went over to China he was initially supposed to stay for a two-year appointment. He asked to come back after a year and upon his return he was made head of the CIA. Also, don’t forget Bush’s famous speech when he announced to a joint session of Congress, regarding the Iraq crisis, that “Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective — a new world order.” That speech (found here) was given on September 11, 1990. Eleven is also a very important number to the Mason. The Twin Towers were hit 11 years later and enbodied, themselves very number eleven. [Play Twilight Zone theme music here.]

But keep that theme music running, because here’s an important side note to all this: Pierre L’Enfant, the man who laid the plans for D.C., designed those plans in 1791. If you’ll notice 1791 is an anagram of 1971 (or vica versa).

Read more about the illustrious career of George Herbert Walker Bush here.

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Read more about those design elements and the Masons here.

Read more about the silliness about the number 33 here.


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