Quote of the Day

“Our media and our politicians ill-serve us all when they state that we need a single person, any person, to save this nation. The insult to the people of this nation is especially egregious when the Bush administration tells us that we cannot survive if we switch administrations in the middle of a “war” it says is going to last decades or centuries.

How foolish we are to accept such scare tactics. And how destructive it is for us to believe for one minute that this nation of 290 million people is dependent on one President, one governor, or one mayor to save us from terrorists. The fact is that we have a lot of ingenuity and leadership potential in this country, and there’s nothing so hot about any person who becomes President. Sure, we want to respect the office and the person who occupies it, but it is totally un-American to engage in the idolatry that the Bush administration and its associated media are foisting on us.

We are a nation born in revolution and with a healthy disrespect for those who appoint themselves to rule over us. In a nation that purports to be a beacon of democracy, we should have more respect for ourselves.”

–Robin Crane, from today’s RTD Letters to the Editor


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