Who the Heck is Bill Burkett?

Who indeed. Here’s some information from February of this year.

And here’s an article he wrote. Seems he made quite an enemy of Bush.

And here’s an article in the WaPo about him, from last Friday.

My opinion: somehow this ‘Memogate’ thing doesn’t quite rise to the level of a ‘-gate’ story. More of a Trivial Pursuit question in some distant-future, politically-themed version of the game.

Dan Rather’s story was flawed to begin with because it was in no way, shape, or form news of any sort. You mean rich people get special favors when they serve in the military? Goshes! Hold the presses!

Celebrities and rich people of all ilk get special treatment. And? Where’s the news here?

Really, what is the frequency, Ken? Huh? What is it?


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