Letter of the Day II

More from the RTD:

Editor, Times-Dispatch: With derisive sarcasm heaped generically upon any and all of contrary opinion (“the left”), Victor Davis Hanson and Ross Mackenzie simplistically reduce principled Democratic opposition to the Bush administration to a personal, “pathological hatred” of the President himself.

It won’t wash. The overwhelming majority of liberal Democrats are not driven by irrational anger or hatred of President Bush. Many of us do indeed regard him as an improbable President, lacking intellectual depth or interest, only marginally qualified by experience or acumen for the office, and with a shaky electoral claim to it.

We deplore the domination of the administration by the militaristic ideology of the “neo-cons,” whose project of global military superiority and pre-emptive war is more a threat to enduring peace than a guarantee of it.

We are anxious about the effects of this administration’s economic priorities and policies: ill-advised tax cuts; excessive loss of jobs; outsourcing; ineffective approaches to urgent reform of health care insurance, Social Security, and Medicare; policies generally favoring corporate interests and the wealthy; and making less secure the middle and lower economic classes. And some of us in particular regret the administration’s making common cause with far-right religious interests with respect to important moral and social issues.

None of this has anything to do with hatred of the President. It has everything to do with love of country and of all humankind, and with the hope for a usable and sustainable future. Owen Norment. albemarle.


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