Moronic Tripe of the Day

From today’s RTD:

Editor, Times-Dispatch: How do the media let a candidate for President, having served many years in Senate, get away with not talking about votes and issues once strongly debated during those years? Do the media not have access to John Kerry’s record? After all, when another Senator, Bob Dole, ran for the presidency, the media replayed and rehashed just about every vote he cast.

Kerry spent four months in Vietnam and 30-some years later is running for the highest office in the land. That is at least what the pundits and media would have us believe. He never was a war protester, claiming his “band of brothers” were nothing more than a bunch of war criminals. He never was lieutenant governor under Michael Dukakis. He never was Senator for 19 years, or while Senator, never cast a vote, never gave a floor speech that was videotaped, and never, ever made contradictory statements or misstatements. William Schwarz. midlothian.

It is a matter of history that U.S. soldiers killed innocent civilians in Vietnam just as it is a matter of history that in all wars innocent civilians are killed (Hiroshima anyone?). There is no such thing as a good war. A war is a signifier of utter and complete diplomatic failure and, moreover, the utter and complete failure of civilization. .

The fact that John Kerry came back from the Vietnam War disillusioned and had the balls to stand up and be counted against it shows a rare type of courage. He could have come back and lived a life of ease and comfort with hiswealthy family, but he spoke up and took action for what he believed in. That is a rarer kind of courage than that of someone who’s ordered to shoot the enemy and shoots the enemy.

As far as John Kerry’s Senate voting record, anyone with an internet connection can look that up. The fact that the media doesn’t focus on that only shows how well Bush and his cronies are doing keeping the focus on the so-called ‘War on Terror’. There’s only so much time in the day to cover news. When Bob Dole ran, I don’t remember his Senate voting record being an issue covered by the media at all. As I recall, he retired from the Senate (which he probably would’ve done anyway). Morever, anyone who thought Bob Dole was going to beat Bill Clinton obviously was on some kind of hallucinatory drugs. Bill Clinton would still be President if a third term was allowed, so the issue of the media covering Dole’s Senatorial voting record is largely a moot one.

As far as contradictory statement or misstatements, here’s a list of some of Bush’s misstatements. Whatever John Kerry has said, I don’t think he could possibly come within five miles of the pure idiocy that has come out of our God-lovin’ President’s mouth.


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