Letter of the Day II

Like Dead Fish, Paper Shines – and Stinks

Editor, Times-Dispatch: No one ever will accuse your Editorial Pages of being fair and balanced, and to your credit, at least you never have made that claim.

Ross Mackenzie’s thinly veiled prejudices sparkle with the creation of such classic pearls as “Dems” and, more recently, “HM” (for homosexual marriage) as his good-ol’-boy idea of a humorous synonym for same-sex marriage [“There Likely Will Be an Amendment, But Not Yet”]. And let’s not even mention the way you demonize Michael Moore, a real patriot with enough energy, conviction, and talent to expose the common thugs who broke into the White House, guns in hand.

The Times-Dispatch has no competition in Richmond, and I say this without irony. But all too often your paper’s best feature is the rubber band around it. Frederick Chiriboga. richmond.


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