The GOP’s 9/11 Anniversary Plan

There has been a lot of talk about ditching Cheney from the GOP ticket. But, I have to disagree. The GOP’s best chance at this stage of the game is to ditch W himself, at least during the election. Here’s the scheme:

Pay some disgruntled Arabs to orchestrate a fake terrorist attack, say on the Anniversary of 9/11. W disappears in the confusion and is presumed deceased. Cheney becomes President and chooses Colin Powell as his running mate for the election. Much hoopla and good points are scored. The Democrats lose the media’s focus. Then, after the election and the GOP narrow win, they discover that W was in fact kidnapped. Marines go in and rescue him. Then, Cheney steps down for health reasons. Powell allows W to resume his unelected Presidency and continues as V.P. W learns the meaning of sacrifice by having to eat only leftovers out of a Chinese restaurant dumpster while he is disguised, ‘underground’, as a homeless bum in Adams Morgan. Meanwhile, the public sees him as a true war hero.

In protest, John Edwards shaves his head.


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