U.S. Exports Buyer Remorse

Editor, Times-Dispatch: That was very funny on the front page, “CIA Iraq Analysis Condemned.” President Woodrow Wilson created the Committee on Public Information on April 13, 1917. But still some of us feel misled? We have no one to blame but ourselves.

If we, the American population, are so emotionally and intellectually underdeveloped as to be fooled by these old, old tricks such as the simplistic demonizing caricatures of Saddam Hussein and jingoistic atrocity stories such as “A Smoking Mushroom Cloud,” then we are all just along for the ride anyway and should just shut up.

Democratic theory, as interpreted by Jefferson and Paine, was rooted in the Enlightenment, and a belief that free citizens could form respectable opinions about issues of the day and use these opinions to guide their own destiny.

If we are going to let our government get us all worked up over slogans including, “Make the World Safe for Democracy,” “Three Strikes, You’re Out,” and “Just Say No,” then there is only one response.

It’s a buyer-beware world out there and if someone is sucked in by advertising campaigns and bought the stuff in the latest fad “New World Order” diet, then no one is to blame but him. The CIA is just being the CIA. It manufactures fake stories about the “enemy.” That’s what we pay it to do. Don’t blame it because we got all excited about going to kill people; we did that to ourselves. Gary K. Jones. cumberland.

Enlightenment? You mean there was an Enlightenment?


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