Letter of the Day

Intemperance Movement:

Vote Keeps the Holmes Fire Burning

Richmond Times-Dispatch

Jul 30, 2004

Editor, Times-Dispatch: I read with interest your editorial, “Why?” on my vote against Judge Leon Holmes’ nomination to the U.S. District Court in Arkansas. Certainly you can disagree with my vote, but since you dismissed my concerns about Judge Holmes’ “intemperate remarks” (your words), why didn’t you give your readers the benefit of knowing the substance of those remarks? Because you chose not to print them, here they are:

In opposing a rape exception to a proposed constitutional amendment on abortion, Holmes said,


” . . . Concern for rape victims is a red herring because conceptions from rape occur with approximately the same frequency as snowfall in Miami.” As my Republican colleague, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas, pointed out before she voted against him, the American Journal of Preventive Medicine estimates that 25,000 women become pregnant each year as a result of rape.

Just as disturbing, Holmes wrote the following about women: ” . . . The wife is to subordinate herself to her husband,” and ” . . . The woman is to place herself under the authority of the man . . . .”

Along with Ms. Hutchison and 44 other Senators from both parties, I believe the women and men who appear before our federal courts deserve better than this from a judge who expects to occupy his position for life. John Warner, U.S. Senator. washington, d.c.


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