Letter of the Day

From July 17, 2004:

Kerry, Edwards Define Deviancy Down

Editor, Times-Dispatch: A few years ago Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan condemned lowering the bar of acceptable behavior for both public and private mores. The acceptance of lower standards of behavior was “defining deviancy down.”

Senators John Kerry and John Edwards come along refusing to disassociate themselves from the rude, disparaging, and vulgar comments made about the President by some of their Hollywood supporters. Instead they hide behind the fig-leaf excuse of freedom of expression. Freedom of expression has nothing to do with having the strength of character and intestinal fortitude to condemn speech content when it is inappropriate.

They prove that some U.S. Senators are leaders in defining deviancy down – something Moynihan would understand fully and disapprove of. D.E. Mosman. richmond.

From yesterday’s RTD:

What About That *#?&$! Cheney?

Editor, Times-Dispatch: Regarding the letter by D.E. Mosman:

As for “defining deviancy down,” John Kerry will have some stiff competition from our current Vice President. I suppose Kerry and running-mate John Edwards should just save the vulgar comments for the Senate floor? Stephan Lajaunie. richmond.


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