Letter of the Day

Editor, Times-Dispatch: I was appalled at reading the letter by Barry Leonard of Ashland regarding prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib.

Was he serious in trying to compare his hazing experience, which he chose to participate in, to the abuse of prisoners in Iraq, who had no choice, were forced to do things contrary to their religious and cultural beliefs, and whose punishment went far beyond his? Are those involved in hazing also sodomized? Beaten? Are they forced to engage in sexual acts in front of other male prisoners?

Does Leonard seriously think the abused will gather around their grandchildren for a lighthearted evening of “grandpa’s summer in Abu Ghraib”? If grandpa is lucky, maybe he can even show slides of the now-famous pictures being shown around the globe and say, “Look, that’s me on the bottom of the naked, male pyramid!” Jared Ulmer. richmond.


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