In a recent political ad called Pilot, John Kerry is made out to be an everyman who does a variety of pretty cool stuff, like hunt, and fly planes and play hockey. Here at a conservative web site, they can’t get over the fact that Kerry looks like he’s holding the gun wrong. They pick every detail of it apart – oh, and some news articles are calling it a rifle, but it’s actually a shotgun, they moan.

Yeah, that’s the issue to focus on in November. Who can hold a gun the most correct way. Sheeesh.

Did anybody bother to think that yes, in fact, it was a photo shoot, but actually Kerry does know how to hold a gun. It’s just that photographers usually like you to hold poses forever and a day, so he’s probably holding the gun in a comfortable pose rather than the ‘correct’ form he would use to fire at pheasant.

Anyway, that’s just a thought. It could be very well that he doesn’t hunt at all. I certainly wouldn’t care, at this point, if he lied about the whole thing and doesn’t hunt, play hockey or have any children. In fact, if he’s actually an android from the planet Kromleck 3, he’s still more attractive than George W. Bush in just about every way imaginable.

This just in… one of the comments left on the site I’m referring to says this:

It pains me to say this because I’d walk across hot rocks to vote against Kerry, but Kerry’s pose with the gun is the real deal. As the editor of two wingshooting magazines and the author of several books on the subject, I can tell you he is actually demonstrating pretty good form. Instinctive shooters (those who don’t “aim” but instead “point” in the English manner) grip the barrels with the left hand as Kerry is. His right hand is in the position it is because he is in the process of releasing the safety, which is located on the top tang just aft of the top lever. The gun is not yet to his shoulder because he is mounting it, the release of the safety always properly accompanying the mount. His posture pretty well sucks, but he’s in the heat of the moment. I can’t tell you what the dog is up to, maybe he’s on scent from another bird. It’s likely that the Governor’s Hunt organizers put Kerry into a real hotspot, and there could be a lot of pheasants right there.

Steve Smith


The Pointing Dog Journal

The Retriever Journal


The response I left on the site is this:

Hey, maybe we can find some fault in his hockey stance? That’d make me vote against him for sure!


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