Alarmist Partisan Tripe of the Day

Here is a story about how people who were once incarcerated found productive jobs in society. The ‘news’ is so slanted towards the Republican angle that it hardly qualifies as news. What are the statistics on formerly incarcerated individuals (dubbed ‘felons’) in the workforce? What are the statistics on the number of minorities who are convicted of felonies?

Here’s a good article on why any of us could be a criminal.

I’m not saying that employers should be unaware of an individual’s criminal record. Any employer that doesn’t want to have a wrongful employment suit on their hands should be checking backgrounds.

However, hiring decisions should not hinge solely on a person’s having been incarcerated or not. There are plenty of incompetent people who have never been thrown in jail yet should never be hired in jobs in a variety of vocations especially those that touch upon public safety.

Finding out how to tell the difference between qualified applicants and those who aren’t is the main challenge an organization has in the hiring process. So, it’s not a clear cut matter.

Alos, if a person has served his or her sentence and the system has released the individual from jail, shouldn’t that person then have the chance at becoming a productive citizen? Do we trust the system or don’t we? If we trust it enough to throw someone in jail, do we trust it enough to release that same someone?

I won’t even go into the whole idea of wrongful imprisonment or social justice regarding minorities and those in lower socio-economic classes being incarcerated at a higher rate, etc.

In summary, the RTD article cited above is a shallow attempt at linking Democrats to criminal behavior. Meanwhile, an actual Republican, not someone very loosely tied to the party as these so-called ‘felons’ are, but someone who is an actual Republican, namely Connecticut Governor John Rowland, has had to resign due to severe ethics violations. ‘Ethics violations’ is what they call it when a politician commits a crime. Strangely enough, a search of the Times-Displaced website shows no evidence that they have reported on Governor Rowland’s resignation. Not very fair and balanced, is it?

Here’s the same story from the Washington Post.


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