Crazy Religious Rhetoric of the Day

Homosexual Boycott Doesn’t Faze Him

Editor, Times-Dispatch: They’re smart – using an economic boycott of Virginia to further the lifestyle of homosexuality.

Make no mistake, God loves the homosexual but hates the sin. There is no sin – whether cultivated or inherited – that cannot be overcome through the power and grace of God. While God permits homosexuality, He does not approve of it. Any sin – including homosexuality – that is not repented and forsaken will result in the destruction of the sinner and the sin, which is the Second Death.

Let homosexuals do their boycott of Virginia. It’s a price we are willing to pay. The Christian does not compromise principle for the sake of harmony. No sin will be permitted to enter the city of God. Sewell R. Callahan. stanley.

I’d personally like to say thank you to Callahan for his enlightening lesson in bigotry and hatred. Does this Callahan guy speak for all Virginia? I don’t remember voting for him. Also, does Sewell Callahan speak for God now? I must have missed that memo.

All sarcasm aside, given that no religion has a corner on the morality market, what exactly is the point? Is it ‘Queers bad. Straights good’?

As a male who had a thin frame and slight build and ‘pretty’ face in my teen years, I was often picked on by other guys (and girls) as being gay (not the word they used) before I even knew what that meant. So, though I am hopelessly heterosexual myself (don’t think I haven’t tried to live up to the perception), I still know how it feels to be targeted by immature bigots.

The way I see it is this – it’s easy to pick on minorities because the majority of people don’t have to worry about it and will sign up to any stupid cause that seems authoritative out of sheer ignorance.

Now, if I was an overzealous kook and also happened to have some clout (i.e. connections and money), I could manage to organize some aimless people and start my own ‘Christian’ church as well. I could pick on the minority of my choice. I think I would pick on left-handed people, because obviously left-handed people are Satanic. I mean – right is right, right? C’mon people. Are you with me? Thou shalt smite the left-handed way out of thy sight! In the City of God, the Mercy Seat shall look upon no iniquity and judgment shall leave but only the redeemed!

See, it sounds really authoritative when you use British-sounding old style diction and convoluted sentence structure. But, basically it’s a load of horse manure.

People – grow up.


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