Letter of the Day

Bishops’ Argument Is Absurd

Editor, Times-Dispatch: I found it ironic that homosexuals, self-identified by wearing rainbow sashes, were denied communion by priests, a significant number of whom are homosexual themselves. Far more disturbing is the denial of a U.S. Senator and his constituents by some bishops because of a public pro-choice position.

The unanimity of bishops in protecting the unborn fetus is laudable, but where is that unanimity when the fetus turns into a 9-year-old boy in the clutches of a perverted clergyman? It seems to me that the Pope, as head of the Vatican state, should be denied communion until he severs diplomatic relations with a country like ours that has legalized abortion. Perhaps I, too, as a Catholic professor, should be denied since my university is the site of almost daily abortions.

How silly this communion-denial posturing is. Long ago I chose the host, the body of Christ, over potential stem-cell therapy, but my religious-based decision should not in any way limit the scope of human research and clinical options for others in our pluralist American society. Martin Lenhardt. hayes.

Hurray for pluristic American society! A Starbucks on every corner and an SUV in every driveway! Woo-hoo doggies!


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