Stolen Post of the Day

Stolen directly from Andrew Sullivan without his permission (that’s the nature of thievery, isn’t it?)…

DENYING KERRY COMMUNION: Was that what the president lobbied the Vatican about? Was it a subtle attempt to persuade the pontiff to lean on the American bishops, especially Cardinal McCarrick, for partisan advantage? That’s Josh Marshall’s “suspicious speculation.” I don’t know. But I do believe that if this was Bush’s intent, it was unbelievably stupid. If the bishops decide to bar Kerry from communion – and leave everyone else alone – then it would probably increase support for the Democrat. Most Catholics find such politicization of their faith to be anathema. The hierarchy has less moral authority at this point than in its entire history. If they want to lose the last shred, they’ll take sides in a presidential election campaign.

While I agree totally with Sullivan’s take on this issue, I have to wonder too,

is the Catholic Church Corporate Office still pretending it has some kind of appeal in America? I mean, they’re barely tolerated by the mainstream beyond a sort of perverted laughingstock. No wonder they’re on the verge of extinction and new priests are hard to recruit. I’m really surprised that a Protestant such as Bush would even bother courting these clowns. He must be in desperate shape such that he’s trying to find a wagon to circle around wherever he can find one.


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