Reactionary Garbage of the Day

How Would Amendment Help Children?

Editor, Times-Dispatch: Let me begin by saying I want to ban everyone who supports banning gay marriage through a constitutional amendment. Honestly, whatever happened to the separation of church and state? Marriage is a religious ritual. Whether one thinks gays should marry or not, why is it even on the political table?

And maybe it is just me, but I always thought the Constitution was designed to preserve and protect our rights, not take them away. Besides, does it really hurt anyone if gay couples consider themselves married? No, it does not.

Now to be fair, I should look at the other side of the argument. The most prominent pro-amendment opinion is that those supporting it are looking out for the best interests of the children involved. How sweet. However, who is the government to say children growing up with gay parents are not, in fact, okay? I know many children who have gay parents; they are perfectly normal, happy children. And as my English teacher so craftily pointed out, even if the parents are gay and unmarried, they are still the legal parents of the child. The children still live with the gay couple – just without the benefits granted through marriage.

The amendment proposal is really just an excuse for all those prejudiced against a gay lifestyle to try to get rid of it because it makes them uncomfortable. If the amendment ever passes, I will probably leave the country. It would mark the beginning of the slow demise of the U.S. government, or at least everything I thought it was supposed to stand for. Sarah Courtney Glenn. richmond.

Slow down there. The demise of the U.S. government? You’ll leave the country? I was with you up until you started heading towards Canada or wherever you would go.

First of all, any amendment to the Constitution is tough to pass. The ERA has yet to be ratified and that was fairly popular and seemed innocuous. Now, do you really think that proponents of the amendment against gay marriages think it will fly? Of course they don’t. They’re just hoping that the issue swings a few votes their way. It’s designed to stir up people and deflect attention from the real issues.

Anyway, keep your current address. Combatting crazy with crazy is never the answer. Stay in America. We need all the reasonable folks we can get.


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