Idiotic Rant of the Day

Barbaric Abortion Should Be Banned

Editor, Times-Dispatch: Imagine a baby only inches away from birth. Although he has the potential to become a doctor, a scientist, an engineer, a great soldier, a policeman, or a fireman, he has his head crushed – or, in a conventional abortion, his little body will be dismembered and removed from the womb.

How long do we as a society tolerate and allow this grotesque procedure to continue? Is this a medical practice to preserve a life, or a barbaric procedure to rid a woman of an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy? We debate these questions over and over. Some would call this practice murder. I think it is murder. We build more and more prisons to house criminals but we don’t hold abortionists accountable for murdering these young humans.

Stephanie Cutter, spokeswoman for John Kerry, said the Senator voted to restrict late-term abortions when the measure contained a “clear exception for life or health of women. However, George Bush pushed through a different piece of legislation that failed to protect the health of women and that is what the court struck down today. When John Kerry is President he will appoint judges who are committed to upholding the Constitution, not pursuing an ideological agenda.” What a crock!

This is an example of Kerry talking out of both sides of his mouth. Both the Senator and Ms. Cutter need to get on their knees and pray to their God for all abortionists to see what they are doing is wrong. Judges need to be held accountable also for their wrongful decisions. I cannot see myself supporting this group, this politician, or his views. I believe that a fetus, once conceived, is a human and should not be murdered because he or she is unwanted. Abortion is a barbaric procedure, and it should be banned. George Cranford. richmond.

Yawn. So this is the most important issue of this year’s election? How many of these partial-birth abortions happen every year in America? Millions? Thousands? Hundreds? If someone has a statistic, please post it. This is more important than the war on Iraq, the war on Terrorism, the war on logic?

Given that China has a rule that limits parents to one baby per couple and the girl babies are routinely killed, and given that China has most-favored trading status with the United States in large part due to past Republican administrations, jumping on Kerry for what is a very reasonable stance (allowing partial-birth abortion except in the instance of endangerment to the mother), is indicative of the irrational emotionalism partisans have stirred up with this issue. Mr. Cranford is just another brainwashed individual who feels passionately that something MUST happen now or… or… his head might explode. He should get down on his knees and pray that doesn’t happen.

See this WorldNetDaily article for more on the China policy.

Now let’s focus a bit. I mean, in China people routinely kill actual babies. Forget fetuses. These are babies. So, stop crying and whining about John Kerry and start looking in the face of George W. Bush and ask him why we trade with China given their attrocious human rights record. All this talk about Reagan stamping out Communism in Russia is a bunch of bologna stacked up on a mountain of reconstituted hogwash when compared to C-H-I-N-A. Are they? …oh yes, they are: C-O-M-M-U-N-I-S-T. And we merrily give jobs to these people so that we can make our tennis shoes and such. Oh, but that’s such old news.

This has been short attention-span political theater.


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