Black and White?

Court Erred On Partial-Birth

Editor, Times-Dispatch: The decision by a federal court in San Francisco to allow unconditional late-term abortion is indeed a shame.

Abortion is, as it should be, the choice of the women affected by it. But late-term abortion is a completely different issue. We’re talking about one of the ugliest and most inhumane medical procedures one can elect to have. Laws should not be made to advance the judge’s agenda. Laws are supposed to be fair and serve everyone. Late-term abortion laws should be no different.

An effective law would permit a late-term abortion only if the pregnancy were hazardous to the mother’s health. Women should have the choice to terminate the pregnancy in its early terms for whatever reasons they might have. But it is monstrous to wait until the fetus is old enough to require a partial-birth abortion, then perform it for reasons unrelated to their mother’s health. What about the baby’s choice?

We should junk our black-and-white stances of pro-choice and pro-life, and start thinking more objectively. Omar Salah. richmond.

Is Richmond San Francisco? Is Omar Salah’s opinion objective? See, there are two schools of thought out there. One is restrictive of all abortions regardless of the circumstances. It is based on certain moral ideas. The other allows for abortions as being a choice a woman has if she finds herself with an unwanted pregnancy. That school of thought is also based on certain moral ideas. The overarching moral idea, in my opinion, is that the government has no authority to interfere in the personal matter of parents and their children. If we were in China, and the baby was a girl, the government would most likely intervene and kill it anyway. I personally despise abortion as a choice. I also personally despise many other things that people choose to do. That does not make my opinion worthy of becoming the law of the land. Many bad things happen, but we must look at the overall consequences and the actual affects of these bad things. One less unwanted baby represents a huge savings in time and effort for our society. If we had less unwanted babies we would have less of all of society’s ills. People cause society’s problems. While it is a very sad state of things in a woman’s life if it does occur, abortion actually prevents more problems than it causes.


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