Post of the Day

from The Daily Dish

CONDONING TORTURE: The lame responses by John Ashcroft to the evidence in leaked memos that the Bush administration condoned torture with the personal approval of the president are damning. It’s even more damning that Ashcroft will not release a critical memo, prepared by his department, making the point that some forms of torture, if approved by the president, would not be illegal. I’m hoping to write at length about this, but let me say one thing. I should have spoken up earlier. The signs were there – including the decision to ignore the Geneva Conventions with regard to al Qaeda in Guantanamo. In a very small number of cases, this might have been a debatable question. But what we have clearly seen is a green light from the very top condoning at best mistreatment and abuse of prisoners of war in a whole slew of cases. We’ll see as more facts emerge what the truth is. But the brutality of U.S. forces against prisoners in their care and custody is now public record – and a permanent mark of shame for the United States.


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