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Department of Social Services employees working in Human Resources are frequently trapped in a freight elevator not meant to be used by ordinary passengers. Managers and staff have been trapped for up to an hour. It’s one of the few ways for these employees to get to their office. Due to a ‘lock-down’ security situation, easy access to the office from the 9th Street entrance has been disallowed. But, the elevator keeps breaking down and the building owners don’t seem to be interested in fixing it. What is Maurice Jones, the DSS Commissioner doing about the situation? He is well aware of the situation, but nothing seems to be getting done. Will a lawsuit emerge from this situation? Seems like only a matter of time. The elevator is so old that it needs to be replaced. I personally walked around with the elevator repair man just last night and he couldn’t even access where he needed to. This is occurring at the new DSS location at 7 N. 8th Street. This is a huge safety issue that needs to be resolved.

I sent the above the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Yes, this is not a joke. This is actually happening at my place of business. Really pathetic.


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