Shadow of New York

Reacting to Moody’s announcement that Virginia would retain its triple-A bond rating, Prince William Delegate Bob Marshall, a Republican, said, “Virginia should be run by Virginians, not Wall Street.” Businessman – and Governor – Mark Warner, a Democrat, replied, “The absurdity of that statement ought to stand on its own.” We fail to see the absurdity in state fiscal policy being decided by Virginians, and not dictated by Big Apple bean-counters who may never have set their shiny black wingtips in the Old Dominion.

I’m going to start calling the Times-Dispatch the ‘Times-Displaced’ because every once in awhile this paper’s editors take a strange trip back in time to where North is battling South and we have territory to hold. This ridiculous crap that apparently a few editors believe at the Times-Displaced is indicative of the North/South mentality that makes Richmond a shining backwater of this nation. It’s not enough that Washington D.C. casts its long shadow over us in its political might, but New York, the financial capital of the world, does so as well. Why aren’t they used to this by now? If New York is interested in you it means you’ve achieved something. Feel lucky. That’s the way the world works. It’s kind of like complaining that someone other than a close family member gets to decide your credit score. Get real.

Also, aren’t there some Southern gentleman with shiny black wingtips? Or do all Southerners still till the soil and age their tobacco with old boots tired from the dung of dead Civil War generals? C’mon Editors, step out of the time machine or at least travel into the future instead of the past and come back with some better wisdom.


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