Separation of Church and State

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There is no mention whatsoever of Jesus in the Constitution. If the founding fathers were so hot on establishing a “Christian Republic”, why was it not addressed in the main body of the constitution itself? In one of the Articles? Why was it not laid forth clearly?

Because the Founding Fathers resisted attempts of people of that day–like yourself–who wanted to incorporate religion into government. The Founding fathers were children of the Enlightenment, folks who witnessed the folly of combining the two institutions in Europe and did not want it here because it would pollute both.

All of the founding fathers recognized that religion had many good things to provide to the people of the United States, and they wanted no government edict or rule to interfer in that; but they also wisely feared that religious interference in the affairs of state would of necessity mean treating nonbelievers as second-class citizens and restrict their rights. As Thomas Jefferson said, “It does me no harm if a man believes in twenty gods or none.”

Jefferson also said that Christianity was the most perverse system ever foisted upon man, and Adams, that the world would be better off without religion. Washington himself stated that the United States was in no manner a “Christian nation” in the treaty with North African pirates.

Please, I have taught US history–Colonial and Early Federal Republic–at university for twenty years. I know what I am talking about. You however, as with much the Religious Right in this country, do not or chose to ignore the wisdom of our founders. The very freedom you enjoy to worship as you do is protected by the separation of church and state. To seek to ignore or deconstruct that would lead to the madness of theocratic states such as we see in Iran.


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