Letter of the Day III

Richmond Neglects Community-Access TV

Editor, Times-Dispatch: Community-access centers exist because cable operators provide channel capacity, services, facilities, and equipment as partial compensation to communities for their use of public rights-of-way (streets, highways, parks, and other government-owned property). This compensation provides access to media for the local population. Cable service must continue to be regulated at the local level and franchise fees must continue as a source of funding.

I have been involved with public-access television for almost 20 years, and as a volunteer I find this a very rewarding experience. However, I was amazed to find the public-access television station in Richmond in such disarray. It’s evident that Richmond’s public-access program has been neglected.

As an example, the equipment is so outdated that the cameras cannot be turned off for fear that they may never work again. To say that the channel capacity is under-utilized is an understatement. There is a high demand for programming from the public sector but the access station lacks the manpower to utilize the channel capacity to its full potential.

Viewers who are dissatisfied must demand quality programming. Andwele Gardner. sandston.


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