Michael Moore

Michael Moore is the worst thing that critics of the Bush Administration or critics of big business or critics of ‘stupid white men’ could imagine. A fat, unkempt oaf who makes fun of serious issues acts more as a lightning rod against serious attacks than an effective response to the juggernaut that is W. and his cronies. Basically, if one were to see Moore as a representation of the so-called ‘left’, one would think that anyone who holds the same or similar views is a nutty, slobbish geek. Disney has every right to not release his latest movie, which rips off part of the title of a very good Ray Bradbury book entitled Fahrenheit 451. But, that’s really a different issue.

The issue of Moore’s latest film is that it’s a political diatribe aimed at the Bush Administration. Half or almost half (or whatever latest poll number you want to use) of the American people support the President. It’s a lot better business move to not piss off a good percentage of your potential customers, so Disney is smart in not releasing this overtly political movie. Movie-making and distributing is a business. Moreover, Moore himself is trying to get rich off of people’s disdain for Bush otherwise he’d release it himself with his own money (ala Mel Gibson, though I don’t care much for his movie that I have yet to see either). Basically, Michael Moore is an opportunistic capitalist who caters to the people who still think it’s a good idea to adopt the unviable ‘stick it to man,’ ‘stand up for the little guy’ cultural/political stance.


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