Games People Play

Most of life is divided into two groups of people – those who see life as a game between potential winners and potential losers; and those who see life as bigger than that, who see living fully as the object of our existence. For those who see life as a game, sadism comes naturally. In order to win, someone else must lose, so it follows that the more someone else is losing, the more the winner is winning. Winners enjoy seeing the losers suffer because it fulfills their triumph all the more. Some, though, decide that losing is their lot in life and so they become masochists, deriving their satisfaction from always playing the victim.

Often, the game-players will use religion to justify their games. They even use the language of games as part of their religion. For example, they will pronounce ‘God’ as the ‘judge’, as if they are not responsible for the playing field or the rules. They just want to play, to avoid responsibility for their actions. After all, if life is just a game, and we are all merely players, what difference does it all make?

Everyone must choose where they fall. Are you a winner? Are you a loser? Or are you pursuing a full life lived?


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