Propaganda of the Day

Here’s a bit of anti-Nader propaganda buried in this Washington Post story about last night’s finale of the popular television series ‘Friends’:

“If you voted for Ralph Nader in the last presidential election, in which case you’re probably the kind of contrary person who would not have watched Thursday’s “Friends” finale, you missed adoptive parents Monica and Chandler being surprised when their unwed pregnant mother instead delivered twins. ”

That’s kind of like saying, ‘If you listen to alternative bluegrass music, you probably would have missed Joey and Chandler looking around for a little chick and a little duckling.’ I guess I don’t really see the relevance of the Nader candidacy to Friends viewership. Nor do I see Nader voters as contrarian. I see them as intelligent people who believe that something better is possible and are willing to vote their conscience. What they watch for entertainment has nothing to do with it. On the other hand, I see voters for the major party candidates, whether they watch Friends or not, as complacent simpletons who will do whatever they are told as long as it fits in with the worldview with which they’ve been brainwashed.


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