Adrian Bond at the Nanci Raygun. Ambient Music Festival. 5/22/04
Photo by Jeff Fowler


Stephan Lajuanie of Richmond band Celebrated Summer & Richard Lajuanie a.k.a. Living in Photographs. Ambient Music Festival. 5/22/04
Photo by Jeff Fowler

Meeting of the Soundscape Masterminds: John Ingram a.k.a. Controlled Dissonance(Intelligent Machinery Productions ) has a word with Bill Maciejewski a.k.a. Heuristics, Inc. Ambient Music Festival. 5/22/04.
Photo by Jeff Fowler


The Bush Administration’s willingness to use national security issues to further himself politically, such as the recent ‘Dirty Seven’ terrorist threat announcement that amounts to pretty much the same thing we’ve been hearing, is cause enough to kick this nut out on his ear. Don’t wait until the election. Kick him out now.

Today’s Bad Journalism Award…

…goes to for their worthless piece on hybrid cars. You can find it here. Notice that it raises grave concerns about the safety of these non-gas-guzzlers by raising the specter of safety workers being electrocuted in the event of a crash, yet provides no evidence that this has ever happened and little evidence that this could possibly occur.

Not until the second page of the story does it reveal that today’s hybrids have safety features that are aimed at preventing such electrocutions. Not until near the end of the story does it tell of other safety prevention methods that emergency workers could use to prevent electrocution. And, not until the very end does the story say anything good about hybrids, which is that the rescue worker interviewed for the story would love to have one.

Thanks Disney for tilting this story so that is effectively panders to the oil industry and makes a good attempt at scaring consumers away from cars that just might save our planet. You Disney shitheads keep showing us all why you really are so very swell.