Letter of the Day

State Workers Have Needs, Too

Editor, Times-Dispatch: Can we assume from Victoria Cobbs’ letter about the budget situation that she is childless, not a state employee, someone who thinks that there really is free lunch somewhere, or all of the above? I ask this because her letter seems to criticize people for expressing their frustration at the political tug o’ war that we are compelled to call the Virginia General Assembly.

While teachers and state employees do stand to benefit from the needed raising of revenue, other citizens will, too. People want to have the State Police on hand to save them from the bad guys and probably want the best quality teachers in front of their children’s classroom. I would contend that as teachers and state employees, we are “average citizens,” though largely unappreciated.

We have limited influence in our employee status. But given the opportunity to speak to my legislator as a constituent, I think it perfectly appropriate to express my displeasure at the legislators’ behavior and their failing to do their job for us. The legislators have spent way too much time and money grand-standing and posturing. Suzanne J. Tarr. richmond.


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