Child Support News

Check out this site. Here’s a comment I sent to the owner(s):

As the son of a father who skipped out on my Mom and didn’t provide a red cent until he was forced to do so by the courts, I’d just like to ask what exactly you’re trying to accomplish with this site? What is the Jail4Judges Initiative? What is your point concerning Child Support?

As I see it, good people are out there doing a difficult job trying to get people to take some responsibility for bringing a child into this world. Whether they are government employees or professional bounty hunters, this is a job that someone will do. Would you rather not see it happen? What exactly would you like to see happen? Again, I don’t see the point of your site. It is vague at best in its positive contribution to any discussion on the topic. Please provide some insight.

Just to clarify, my father and I have a good relationship now, but I come to the discussion with knowing how it feels for a custodial parent to be left in the lurch. I’m wondering if the owner(s) of this site will respond.

The way I look at it, the government’s intervention in this type of matter is better than having private vigilantes hired to go around hunting down shirkers. No telling what would happen to the shirkers if a vigilante was paid enough money. They could shake ’em down for more than they would have had to pay if the benevolent government had taken control of the situation. If it were me, the loss of a couple of fingers for a few missed payments would be a fair shake down.

The message: You think government intervention is bad. Be careful what you wish for.


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